Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's been a long time since posting last!

My worst fears have materialized over the past 6 - 1/2 years.

The empty suit, the stuffed shirt.....the naked would-be emperor,
has wreaked havoc on my country, The United States of America.

He has even brought us full-circle to 1968, with all the racial
division we "enjoyed" in the 1960's.

What a crock we have been served.  But the Fool on the Hill told us it
would be this way.  The millions of us who took him at his word feel
robbed and raped.  We knew where this was headed if he was elected.

Funny...he pretty much told us the truth before he was elected the first time.
Ever since, he has lied to the people in more ways
and contexts than I thought possible; and I lived through the Clinton years!

It ain't racial in the slightest.  But the arrogance, ignorance, corruption
and willful breaking of his inaugural oath, make him the worst president
in our history!

What a freakin' crock!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Day In The Life

How did that lyric go?

Oh yes:
"I read the news today...oh, boy!"
How could I avoid the news, and the ever-present news conferences? A more pronounced ego has never graced the executive mansion of our great nation.

"About a lucky man, who made the grade..."
But this lucky man, illuminated by the spotlight of his newfound world celebrity, is obviously light years
below his pay grade.

"And though the news was rather sad..."
Only if you respect and revere our American Constitution, and work hard to provide for your family and live the American lifestyle in relative liberty. Sad if you enjoy making your own decisions about all the small and large things that make up your day-to-day life. Especially sad if you are proud of our country, and know that along with any warts, there is so much generosity and protection given the world at large by the US of A.

"Well, I just had to laugh..."
At the most recent smooth, purring teleprompter-guided lines of speech, always clever,
nearly always deceptive. Say something "they" want to hear, make it sound logical and necessary, do something entirely different, then come back an tell them what a good job you have done...just like you said you would! (wait...I thought you said you were....)

"I saw the photograph..."
It is hard to avoid! The orgasmic press corp gladly fills all spaces and pages with an image that is beginning to remind me of Dear Leader Chairman Mao, Kim Jong Il, Joseph Stalin, and the mythical "Big Brother" from Orwell's "1984," all rolled into one big 21st century indoctrination/ propaganda campaign. Get thee behind me...!

Chairman Mao Bama, Dear Leader, Do what you will, for we mere mortals cannot hope to live up to your grand inexperience, to equal your unabashed lack of wisdom, to compare with your emptiness of suit! Our only comfort lies in the one obvious fact:

You may be our self-appointed Emperor...

But you have... no... clothes!

Outrigger Jack says so!