Sunday, June 21, 2015

It's been a long time since posting last!

My worst fears have materialized over the past 6 - 1/2 years.

The empty suit, the stuffed shirt.....the naked would-be emperor,
has wreaked havoc on my country, The United States of America.

He has even brought us full-circle to 1968, with all the racial
division we "enjoyed" in the 1960's.

What a crock we have been served.  But the Fool on the Hill told us it
would be this way.  The millions of us who took him at his word feel
robbed and raped.  We knew where this was headed if he was elected.

Funny...he pretty much told us the truth before he was elected the first time.
Ever since, he has lied to the people in more ways
and contexts than I thought possible; and I lived through the Clinton years!

It ain't racial in the slightest.  But the arrogance, ignorance, corruption
and willful breaking of his inaugural oath, make him the worst president
in our history!

What a freakin' crock!

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